Polimark Academy


Our employees are our most valuable capital on which we do not save and in which we continuously invest.

Establishing Polimark Academy under the slogan Knowledge is power, we wanted to raise on a higher level our long-standing practice of investment in further training and development of employees, but also to emphasize the importance of continuous learning for the individual and for the company.

Within Polimark Academy each year we prepare plans for education of our employees, adjusting training programs to the individual needs and career plans of each employee. At the same time, we create development programs aimed to specific groups of employees, such as programs for talents, programs for further management development, programs for integration of new employees, while working with our internal trainers and instructors we encourage values ​​such as spreading and sharing of knowledge and experiences within the Group and outside of it.

In addition to programs focused on training and development of employees, within Polimark Academy we implement various programs and practices.

We are proud that we are among the first companies in the domestic market which began organizing in detail concepted practice programs „Youth for Polimark "intended for college-educated candidates without formal work experience. More than six years,  our goal is to isolate valuable and perspective young people (mostly future employees of the Unisol Group) and offer them the opportunity to make thier first professional steps within Unisol Group.

We are here to share opinions and needs of employees through continuous monitoring of satisfaction,  seeking and promoting team spirit, organizing gatherings such as "Polimark Picnic", sport activities and other.