1989. Polimark was founded in 1989  with its basic activity – trade of equipment and materials for tire repair.
1990. In 1990 Polimark started with food business, established its first gorcery on Dušanovac market and left tire industry. First production ideas started to appear.
1991. By the end of 1991 three ideas differentiated: chocolate, pasta or ketchup. It was concluded that the chocolate business needed huge capital, in pasta business there was big competition while ketchup offered a chance. Although market was extremely small, there was no competition and increase in consumption has been anticipated.
1992. In June 1992 started the production of ketchup, the first brand of Polimark. Test series were carried out in cans factory in Titel and as from the fall mass production has begun at facilities in Kanarevo brdo.
1993. Between 1993 and 1995 due to increased volume of work and the idea of ​​a complete orientation to production, management of Polimark was thinking of renting a new space, a factory in Rakovica municipality so the production could be continued at this site.
1995. In 1995 an official address of Polimark becomes factory in Rakovica municipality.
1998. In 1998 an idea of ​​building a dedicated factory owned by Polimark has appeared. This idea had to wait for 2000th year.
2000. In 2000 a land in Zemun polje has been officially purchased where new factory slowly begun to emerge.
2005. In 2005 was officially opened Polimark’s complex where today is the seat of Polimark Group.
2010. In 2010 came to the organizational transformation of the company – functions of Polimark were separated and the result were five independent companies, all under the umbrella of Polimark Group.
2012. In 2012, the sixth company was founded within the Polimark Group.
2013. In 2013 another three companies and a company with headquarters in Timisoara, Romania were founded, all under the umbrella of Polimark Group.
2015. In 2015, Polimark group included in its family Banatplast company from Plandiste that is engaged in production of plastic packaging.
2016. With development and expansion of operations, a concept of corporatization arrised, which, among other things, requires the distancing of the name Polimark. Polimark Group in 2016 becomes Unisol Group.