Social Responsibility

Unisol Group, as a part of the community which it belongs and in which it operates, is aware of the importance and the necessity to influence the improvement of itself as well as social conditions. In that sense, a special importance is given to relations with employees, the impact on the environment and the social conditions in general.

Relation with employees

In Unisol Group, as the business environment, a special attention is given to developing a corporate culture that involves community development, fostering collaboration between different business segments, the integration of new employees so that they feel as an integral part Unisol Group. All this would not be possible without a set up of a system for career development of employees, system of rewards and benefits for employees, organizing internal trainings, selection of the workers as well as corporate gatherings several times a year.

The influence on social conditions

Aware of our environment and the society in which we find ourselves, we pay great attention to culture, socially vulnerable groups as well as activities which main goal is education. Traditionally, we support the work of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and organizations that aim to assist socially vulnerable groups. Within Unisol Group traditionally twice a year we organize a voluntary blood donation.

Impact on the environment

As a great business system, Unisol Group takes care of the environment through the creation of a corporate culture. All waste is separated, paper is sent to recycling, waste water is processed in our own plants, the care is taken of the rational use of energy and fuel.